Uber & Lyft in FranklinTN

Insurance Scam of Ride-Share Companies

Issue with Uber & Lyft in Franklin TN

Uber and Lyft have been criticized world-wide for having inadequate insurance, licensing and insufficient background checks for its drivers. Being a 40-billion Company, we don’t know if it is, Uber is trying to push its way in to the Transportation Industry without respecting the Laws and Regulations. They are still allowed to operate even though they are violating the most important laws (Licensing and Commercial Insurance) of Transportation Industry.We need to put a stop on Uber & Lyft in Franklin TN and surrounding areas till they do not comply with all regulations set forth for all transportation companies.

Please review the website www.whosdrivingyou.org for awareness on Ride-Sharing Companies

Insurance alerts have been posted by various states to warn the potential customers about risks associated with riding with Ride-Sharing Companies. Uber and Lyft have been misleading their Customers, Government Bodies and even their own drivers. The Uber/Lyft drivers are operating in their personal vehicles carrying Personal Insurance. The TN Department of Insurance has issued a warning in Insurance Gaps provided by TNCs and that there will be no coverage under Drivers Personal Policy. Many Insurance Companies are cancelling the Personal Insurances of Drivers who are working for Ride-Sharing Companies. Taxi Cab drivers have started reporting the Uber & Lyft drivers to their Insurance Companies. More information is available on these sites regarding said Insurance Scams.



The Company (James River Insurance) that issues the supposedly Uber 1-million-dollar policy is based out of Bermuda and it is not recognized in many of the US States including Tennessee. James River is a surplus line Insurer which is not admitted, not regulated and not registered under any State Guarantee Fund. The insured party is Raiser LLC which is the payment processor for Uber therefore there is no coverage for the driver or passenger in an accident.  The shady details of the policy can be read on the following websites




Please be careful of who is driving you and do not jeopardize your life or lives of your loved ones in favor of cheaper rides.